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3000w ups 12v 24v 220v power inverter with charger

3000w ups 12v 24v 220v power inverter with charger

HYD >> Our advantage


1. work perfectly with enough materials


2. The multiple protection which can be safe used.


3.90% ultrahigh efficiency


4. imported intelligent fan, temperature control design.


5. jamming performance, refused snow and noise


6. The magnesium alloy shell, with light weight and fast heat dissipation.


7. chip technology, the volume is reduced 40-60%, 60-80% weight reduction, reduces the chance of cold dry
HYD >> Details







































HYD >> description and Parameters


Inverter part
Rated power HYD-600MC HYD-1000MC HYD-1500MC/LCD HYD-2000MC/LCD




Output continous power 600W 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W
Output peark power 1200W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W
Input DC input voltage 12V 24v 12V 24v 12V 24v 12V 24v 12V 24v
DC working voltage 11-15V 21-29V 11-15V 21-29V 11-15V 21-29V 11-15V 21-29V 11-15V 21-29V
DC input Low

voltage protection

9V-10.5V 18.5V-20.5V 9V-10.5V 18.5V-20.5V 9V-10.5V 18.5V-20.5V 9V-10.5V 18.5V-20.5V 9V-10.5V 18.5V-20.5V
DC input lack



9.5v-11v 19.5v-21v 9.5v-11v 19.5v-21v 9.5v-11v 19.5v-21v 9.5v-11v 19.5v-21v 9.5v-11v 19.5v-21v
DC input Over



≥15V ≥29V ≥15V ≥29V ≥15V ≥29V ≥15V ≥29V ≥15V ≥29V
DC input fuse 40A*2 15A*2 40A*3 20A*3 25A*7 15A*7 35A*7 20A*7 350A 180A
Output Output wave form Modify sine wave Modify sine wave Modify sine wave Modify sine wave Modify sine wave
AC Output voltage 110V±5% 220V±5% 110V±5% 220V±5% 110V±5% 220V±5% 110V±5% 220V±5% 110V±5% 220V±5%
Output frequency 60Hz±1% 50Hz±1% 60Hz±1% 50Hz±1% 60Hz±1% 50Hz±1% 60Hz±1% 50Hz±1% 60Hz±1% 50Hz±1%
Static current ≤ 1.2A ≤ 2A ≤ 2A ≤ 2A ≤ 2.5A
Reversing effiency ≥85% ≥85% ≥85% ≥85% ≥85%
Overload protection 600w-720w 1000w-1200w 1500-1800W 2000-2400W 3000-3400W
Short circuit protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Working temperature -10℃  + 50℃ -10℃  + 50℃ -10℃  + 50℃ -10℃  + 50℃ -10℃  + 50℃
Temperature protection +60℃ +70℃ +60℃ +70℃ +60℃ +70℃ +60℃ +70℃ +60℃ +70℃
Gree LED indicator Lighting(working),Flash slowly(Lack voltage alarm) ,

Flash fast (Faul ccur

and the unit is in protection situation).

LCD display 1.Display battery input voltage
2.Display battery power
3. show Waveform
4. Display AC output voltage
Charing part
Rated power HYD-600MC HYD-1000MC HYD-1500MC HYD-2000MC HYD-3000MC
Input AC input voltage 110V 220V 110V 220V 110V 220V 110V 220V 110V 220V
AC input frequency 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz
AC workingvoltage 85-130V 170-250V 85-130V 170-250V 85-130V 170-250V 85-130V 170-250V 85-130V 170-250V
AC input low



≤ 75v ≤ 150V ≤ 75v ≤ 150V ≤ 75v ≤ 150V ≤ 75v ≤ 150V ≤ 75v ≤ 150V
AC input high



≥ 130V ≥ 250V ≥ 130V ≥ 250V ≥ 130V ≥ 250V ≥ 130V ≥ 250V ≥ 130V ≥ 250V
AC input fuse 10A 5A 10A 5A 15A 10A 20A 15A 25A 20A
Output DC output voltage 12v 24v 12v 24v 12v 24v 12v 24v 12v 24v
Charge voltage 14-15V 28-30V 14-15V 28-30V 14-15V 28-30V 14-15V 28-30V 14-15V 28-30V
Charge current 10A 5A 10A 5A 15A 8A 15A 8A 25A 15A
Switching time from inverter to

AC supply

≤ 10ms (no need o restart computerwhen connected to computer)
Switching time from AC supply

to inverter

≤ 10ms (no need o restart computerwhen connected to computer)
Conditions from inverter to AC


In he normal AC input voltage
Conditions from AC supply to


No AC input or AC input protection happen
Yellow LED indicator Lighting(Fully charge),Flashing(charging),Off(No

AC supply or in AC

input voltage protection situation).



HYD >> Test Result

Different Modify sine wave inverter Can load the MAX power



Model HYD-1000W HYD-2000W HYD-3000W HYD-4000W
Refrigerator <200W <400W <500W <700W
Air conditioning X X 1P 1.5P
Washing machine <150W <250W <350W <450W
Vacuum cleaner <500W <1000W <1500W <2000W
Mixer <200W <400W <500W <700W
Fan <500W <1000W <1500W <2000W
Hair dryer drum OK OK OK OK
Microwave X OK OK OK
oven X X X X
Pump <200W <400W <600W <800W
Air Compressor X X X X
Drill <200W <400W <600W <800W
Electric kettle OK OK OK OK
lamp >500W >1000W >1500W >1500W
Speaker OK OK OK OK




HYD >> How to use?

HYD >> feedback from customers


1.We HYD is a professional Manufacture on power inverters and some consumer electronics since

1992 in shenzhen.The items cover Off-grid tie inverters.Solar controller.Battery Charger.

Solar lights.and so on.



2. Professional Manufacture since 1992.


3. Factory picture


5.One Year Warrenty time




9.Contact US

HYD >> Self Answers

Q:What’s the surface temperature of the inverter working? If there is security risk?

A:If the The indoor temperature is 25 degrees,the case of the highest temperature 60-70 degrees,It is no security risk,Beacause all the power supply have certainly heat. Our products with high conversion efficiency.which can arriveabove 90%.The heat itself is relatively small,and we have temperature protection.So its safe enough.

.Q:Do your inverter can be used with our battery charger?

A:Yes. As long as our inverter’s power bigger than your battery charger.

Q: Does Universal socket means widely inserted into each country?

A: Yes

Q:What kind of problems is out of our product range of replacement?

A: Product appearance of visible damage or non-compliance with damage caused by the use of specifications, such as flooding, privately disassemble, cut lines or access to inappropriate voltage

Q:what’s the role of your cooling fan in inverter?

A:The product generates heat discharged to the outside of the casing, acts as heat.

Q:Is it accurate to test by conventional multimeter

A:No.Ordinary multimeter to measure the output voltage is absolutely not accurate, and the error is very large, the general 220V output, measured with a multimeter if only about 170V or so. So be sure to use RMS meter to measure, or power meter.

Q: Why your price higher than others?

A:Currently inverter market was mixed, and some low-price in fact made by small workshop shoddy, shoddy work, the same power of the inverter, and some manufacturers in order to cut costs and reduce the process and material .No set protection and alarm,Use the simple hardware circuit design, and substandard components and vacuity of power, there is a very big security risk. To ensure the safety of you and your family, please choose carefully.

Q: How to devide the inverter accoding to the wave?

A:Modify sine wave, using PWM pulse width modulation, During the inverter process, due to use of professional intelligent circuits and high-power FET, Its greatly reducing power consumption, and increased soft start function effectively ensure the reliability of the inverter, if the electrical quality requirements are not very high, it can meet the requirements of most electrical equipments, moderate prices, but it has a greater harmonic distortion, error-prone when running precision equipment,It can also cause interference to communication devices.

B:Pure sine wave, we uses the coupling circuit design, high efficiency, high stability, high-frequency technology, small size, suitable for all kinds of electrical load can be connected to any electrical devices and inductive load products (eg: cooker, oven, refrigerator , air conditioning, etc.) without any interference (buzzing sound, and snow), its output waveform is the same as AC power

Q:What is a resistive load and the inductive load?

A:The circuit is purely resistive load or can be equivalent to pure resistance, such a load is a resistive load. For example: incandescent, electric fans and other resistive loads.Inductance type loads are inductive loads. For example: motors, transformers, pumps, air conditioning, etc.

Q:What we need to pay attention when use the inverter?

A: Ventilation, heat, water, moisture, not pressure, can not go into the foreign body

Q: How many hours your inverter can load?

A: The Use time depends on the size of the battery capacity .There is a formula:

Hours = battery capacity X battery voltage X 0.8X0.9 / load power

For example: a 12V 100AH batteryload a 220V 100W lights

Working time = 12 (V) X100 (AH) X0.8X0.9 / 100 (W) = 8.6 (h)



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